About Polish Pottery

Polish Pottery, as it is known in the US, comes from the Silesia region of Poland, where there resides the Miasto Ceramiki, or €œ"Town of Ceramics,", also known by its formal name of Boleslawiec. The town has been renowned for its distinctive pottery and ceramics for more than a thousand years, and it is near impossible to talk about Boleslawiec without also discussing the art that made the city famous. Pottery began in Boleslawiec when natural clay deposits were discovered in the area surrounding the city. These natural clay deposits yield premium quality clay, identified as such by its unique combination of feldspar, silicon and aluminum properties. From Boleslawiec the first Polish Pottery baking dishes, bowls, and mugs were developed, and soon became popular throughout central Europe.

Because the artisans in Boleslawiec have been perfecting the art of pottery and ceramics for centuries, all the pottery that comes from the city represents unrivaled character and refinement. Potters from Boleslawiec continued to develop different pottery designs including, tankards, and platters throughout the centuries leading up to the latter half of the 18th century, when intricate motifs and patterns began to appear on the pottery. The more recognizable Polish pottery patterns, such as the repeating circles, clovers, and flowers were created during the late 19th century.

This led to the creation of modern Polish pottery patterns, including the popular Polish pottery seen today.
While intricate motifs and patterns didn'€™t appear on all Polish pottery during its initial creation, it has now become one of the more identifiable features of the art. Intricate patterns are found on formal pieces like pottery serving bowls and even more practical pieces like the Polish pottery mug.

Unlike fine English and Asian china with pieces costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars, Polish pottery is in a category all its own. Boleslawiec pottery is affordable and has seen resurgence in popularity in recent years because it'€™s great for both functional and decorative purposes.  We call it "functional art!"

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Please recognize that each piece of pottery is hand painted and may vary slightly in appearance from product images on this website.